Making Room - Children's room.

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  • Children's Room.

    Making your child requires adherence to certain rules. For example, the area of ​​sleep can fill with bright refreshing colors: lush scarlet, bright orange or yellow palyasche. In general, preferred colors are not faded, but not very bright.

    Making Room - Children's room

    Keep in mind that the younger the child, the faster he gets tired under the influence of saturated exciting color combinations. In addition, the room should not be a large area covered with a dark color: brown wallpaper, black furniture - all this depressing effect on the emotional mood of the baby.

    Contrasts that adults often enjoy, such as black and white and red, too, are contraindicated for children - they quickly tire and start to play up the crumbs.

    The color palette in the nursery should be bright, better than pastel shades: pale yellow, pale pink, pale blue or green walls, furniture and textiles, but with some bright spots.

    It can be colorful pillows on the bed, a large, rich color toy, wall painting, rug, or a child's drawing. If the child is not enough room is spacious, experts recommend for finishing the walls to use pastel, light colors and choose wallpaper with a small figure.

    Making Room - Children's room

    And to make a comfortable spacious room, one should choose wallpaper with a large pattern. By the way, it is best to use vinyl wallpaper: they are not toxic and does not collect dust, are easy to clean and last much longer "live". Color affects moods and emotions of the child.

    But we must remember the feeling of action and not gaudy shades of color supersaturate Wednesday. "Passive" colors (pink, blue, light green), give us serenity, a sense of security, are recommended as the basic background for the newborn. And for a teenager more suitable soft neutral tones.

    When placing an infant, experts advise to avoid pure white and black, and particularly their contrasting combinations: in such circumstances, the child will feel bad.

    For crumbs from the excitable mental predominance of "active colors" undesirable. They cause irritation and aggression. In contrast, bright colors are very useful for shy, insecure kid. It is no coincidence, these colors are preferred by manufacturers of children's furniture.


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