Making room - Living room.

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  • Living room.

    Living room is to make out with great care, because this space will serve not only as a place of reception, and thus a kind of "negotiations", but also a recreation room for the house owners. Thus, in this room need to combine the interior, which will organize and host and guests.

    Making Room - Living Room

    Color solution living depends entirely on the style. If it is classical, in a room dominated by warm shades of red and brown, blue and emerald diluted. In cases where the room is decorated in baroque or rococo interior is filled with soft pastel colors: azure sky, soft greens and a tea rose.

    The modern version of the mixing of these two styles - French style - almost completely copies the coloring of their predecessors, with one amendment: light, with only a hint of color, surfaces are no longer dull, now in vogue gloss and pearl sheen.

    If the plain walls of living in country-style matched the dark and neutral colors, textiles, by contrast, should be bright and colorful. The colors can be very diverse: striped fabric, with a folk figure, the big, small cells or peas.

    Making Room - Living Room

    The walls in the homes of a Mediterranean-style "dress up" in dark terracotta colors: brick red, dark orange, beige or brown. This color palette is in harmony with glossy designs wrought iron, painted black.

    Very original color scheme in a colonial style living room. It is a wholly eclectic, based on - an incredible combination of pastel and openly contrasting colors.

    Here you can find brightly colored wall and floor with oriental carpets, satin or velvet curtains succulent cold colors, polished dark wood furniture and black wallpaper with floral ornaments of ivory.

    In addition, America is very fond of national symbols, so the room can be absolutely no conflicts occur dark blue, red, silver and white.


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