Making room - Kitchen.

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  • Kitchen.

    Color is a very powerful source of emotion, a means to create mental attitude. With the help of colors and their shades can visually enlarge or reduce a room to make it lighter or darker, cozier and more solemnly.

    Making Room - Kitchen

    Harmony of color - is the key to success, as incorrectly selected palette can nullify all the efforts, de-personalize even the most original decor. If a person is constantly surrounded by sharp, vivid color and poisonous, this leads to the fact that the nervous system is in constant tension, and this, in turn, causes irritation, restlessness, anxiety, emotional discomfort, depression.

    In this state, it is difficult to gather his thoughts and concentrate on something. In the kitchen, the mistress spend very much time, so when you make a kitchen interior must pay special attention to color selection.

    When it comes to colors in the kitchen, keep in mind that this is not just the color of the walls, floors, furniture and kitchen equipment. It is important to every detail, right down to the simple little napkins. Different colors and shades should not only be pleasing to the eye, but also combined with each other, creating a single color, single image.

    In order to facilitate the selection of a color gamut, it will be useful to remember that the colors are cool (blue, blue, blue-green) and warm (red, orange, yellow, grass green). First have to calm down, slowly, thinking.

    Warm shades contrast, elevate mood and have a stimulating effect. On the basis of whether the kitchen combined with dining room, you can choose the basic range: for the dining area is the best fit cold colors. Accordingly, the warm palette will add vitality and energy for work and creativity.

    Making Room - Kitchen

    There are colors that are considered universal: black, white, and intermediate between them, it is gray. This trio of beautiful shades of color and any combination thereof. Many believe that the gray - the color of sadness, but it is not. It can serve as a wonderful background, just do not need them to "get involved", otherwise it can really create a very gloomy atmosphere of a medieval castle.

    Very warm, pleasant and unobtrusive at the same time is a transition range from light yellow to terracotta. This palette creates a particularly rich and saturated background, imbued with a sense of the sun. To finish the kitchen, which lacks natural light, yellow-orange shades fit perfectly.

    When choosing colors should look to the chosen style of interior. For low-key styles, such as Scandinavian, English, French, Japanese, unacceptably violent colors. The palette should create a sense of elegance, simplicity and serenity.

    The complete opposite of the classic design of the so-called energetic styles: Moroccan, Oriental, Tuscan, country, Mediterranean. They are unthinkable without the bright colors that transmit all coloristic richness of nature.

    Psychologists have strongly recommended to consider before choosing to kitchen decor bright shades. Too many people quickly get tired of expressive colors, they have reduced alertness and ability to think logically.


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