Making room - bathroom.

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  • Bathroom.

    Typically, a bathroom - it's a closed room with no windows and, as a rule, it must use artificial light. Therefore it is better to choose for this room bright colors. We recommend white or light shades of blue, yellow, green and pink.

    Making Room - Bathroom

    Pipes and plumbing all joints if they are not covered walls, it is advisable to paint in the same tone or a semitone trim materials darker. Any color and any shade of its visually perceived by the person, that is, affecting the nerve endings of the eye.

    This leads to the fact that color creates a psychological sense - a positive or negative. In other words, the colors create a mood. And it largely affects our mood and even health. Permanent effect on the psyche of aggressive or unpleasant shade leads to the fact that we are in a depressed, nervous, feel "at ease".

    If such conditions will be surrounded by people a long time, this may lead to the development of state of stress. Conversely, when the reigning around favorite, nice shades, we relax, have a good rest, is in a complacent mood.

    Choose the basic colors that will dominate in the interior, prepare. This should not only consider individual preferences, but also the suitability of the selected color to the style of the interior. Each style has its own direction color scale.

    Making Room - Bathroom

    For example, the French style recognizes only pastel colors, from pale blue to gray-green of twilight-purple to silver-gray. A loft style, in contrast, characterized by bright, saturated colors: hot orange, cobalt blue, indigo, eggplant, red wine and so on.

    With color, you can emphasize or, conversely, to disguise some details. For example, hide any architectural defects can be neutral tones. A bright colors will draw attention to the most spectacular elements. Also, no harm will be recalled that the perception of color strongly influenced by lighting.

    With good, especially the natural, light colors always seem to be brighter and richer. Incidentally, the same effect creates a fluorescent light. Artificial light bulbs attached to the softness and warmth of color, but in the corners where it does not penetrate the color is darker.

    Professional decorators are advised to comply with the use of color harmony in decorating a room no more than four basic colors. For small rooms - no more than three.


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