Symbolism of colors - Black.

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  • Black.

    This color is set off beautifully expressive and makes all other colors. Particularly striking in combination with a black look yellow, red and white. It is associated with a black man presentation of elegance. This color is mysterious and enigmatic. According to the symbolism of the colors he stands for grief, mourning and grave solemnity.

    Symbolism of colors - Black

    Therefore, its use in the interior must be very careful. Black color is a sort of "blurring" the boundaries of the room. When it is introduced into the interior, it is worth remembering that it absorbs light very well, and therefore require more intense lighting the room.

    The excess of black in the interior can cause a breakdown or fear, lead to a bad mood. On the other hand it gives a sense of dignity and power, but can be a barrier between people.

    Symbolism of colors - Black

    Better complement the other colors, black, with which he creates a powerful combination of energy, such as red, he embodies the physical, sexual power, with pink - a high social position, and the yellow - the intellectual superiority.

    In contrast to the above-mentioned qualities of color that has a "protective" properties when you want privacy, it is better to resort to black. This color, as well as white, versatile, elegant in its simplicity and never goes out of fashion.


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