Symbolism of colors - purple.

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  • Purple.

    As well as green, the color intermediate between warm and cold tones. Those who love purple, it is referred to the magical and mysterious, but someone does not like it because it is associated with illness, grief and sadness.

    Symbolism of Color - Purple

    At the same time, according to doctors, shades of purple to protect against colds and other infectious diseases, so it is best to use elements of violet tones in the interior space for people who are sick.

    In the living room is preferable to use light and subtle tones of purple, as deep and dark shades of boring. Violet should be used for registration offices. It helps to distract from unnecessary problems and concentrate on the main issue.

    Symbolism of Color - Purple

    In conjunction with its golden color can be used in the bedroom - is both "obogreet 'room and create a comfortable and secure environment. Color Purple is pretty heavy, so it should be avoided for children. It can cause a feeling of depression and anxiety.

    This color sets the festive mood and sometimes stiff, but its brightness or excess can cause irritation and fatigue. Its not advised to use a premises for recreation. It is better to set individual accents with purple accessories.


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