Symbolism of colors - red.

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  • Red.

    Since ancient times, this color is considered by many people a symbol of wealth, luxury, beauty, fire, passion. In Russia it has been synonymous with beauty. In China, this color is associated with happiness, and in India in bright red painted walls in the bedroom newlyweds. Red - the most active, it subordinates all other colors.

    Symbolism of Color - Red

    As the color of blood, red symbolizes the flow of vital energy. However, quite often the color is perceived as a symbol of the excited state, noisy communication and bustle. Some people perceive this as a warning of color of danger, so psychologists are advised to get involved in them in the interior of the hot-tempered and excitable person.

    The red color intensifies all the feelings and desires - from appetite to sexual stimulation. Interior design in this color can lead to nerve and cause sharp spikes anger and rejection. But the "embedding" of red in the "cold" room, make room more cozy and inviting.

    Symbolism of Color - Red

    Those who seek to influence and power as well as people who are looking for perfection, you can suggest to use the "magical" properties of flame-colored. It will give impetus to reach the top in any field. But there should be very careful, because the red entirely captures attention and requires a fairly large effort to perceive anything in particular.

    The red color affects our bodies, not only psychologically but also physically. For example, it increases the rate of respiration and heart rate, raises blood pressure. And besides, it is believed that red promotes the work of the endocrine glands, production of adrenaline, increases body temperature, muscle elasticity, and joints - mobile.

    Red activates the auditory center of the brain, because of what sounds seem louder. Want to party, "thundered"? Then use as many red accessories. He also will enjoy a wonderful sound in your home theater.


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