Symbolism of colors - orange.

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  • Orange.

    This color is in the first place brings to mind the image of a juicy orange. Orange symbolizes warmth, cheerfulness and joy. It combines the color of blood and the sun (red and yellow), and, therefore, combines their characteristics.

    Symbolism of Color - Orange

    Usually orange rarely used in design, but with a room decorated in cool colors and overlooks the north, only to win. Used in small amounts of orange color happy and encouraged activates. In psychotherapy, he is considered one of the best assistants.

    The best place to orange - this is the kitchen and dining room. To excite the appetite to help an orange kitchen utensils, tablecloths and napkins, serving trays and more. For some women, cooking has long been a tedious duty.

    But in any case, the kitchen lady spend so many hours, so this lesson takes a good half of their free time. The orange color in this room would serve two functions: to lift the mood and enhance physical vitality.

    Symbolism of Color - Orange

    In addition to all the above orange is a feeling of warmth and good cheer, so it is perfect for a play area nursery. This color will be helpful in the room and unsociable, apathetic child, being constantly in anguish.

    If a person enjoys life, happy and cheerful, he should not overdo it with an orange tint. An excess can lead to laziness and complacency. On the one hand, as well as red, orange Color gives energy and "calling" to enjoy life. His strokes warm room and set up on love and romantic mood.

    The interior, rich with the color, can tire. But its logical and makes clever use of the unexpected impression of chic. Best orange color combined with the purple, pale blue, gray-green and bright blue colors.


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