Symbolism of Color - Blue.

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  • Blue.

    Different shades of blue cause a variety of emotions. Blue - the color of the sky, air, space and freedom. The deep blue color gives a sense of calm and at the same time associated with the cold. Dark blue evokes sadness, and some nations of the world even is the color of mourning.

    Symbolism of Color - Blue

    Quiet and subtle shades of blue reminiscent of the water. Psychologists recommend a color for the design of bedrooms. Anyone who suffers from insomnia, can quickly fall asleep in a room with pale blue ceiling and a backlight.

    In contrast to the warm tones, it dulls the senses and emotions. For example, those who are dieting, it may be advisable to use blue in the dining room accessories: tablecloths, napkins, utensils and so on. In this case, a very high probability that the feeling of hunger blunted. The bedroom is blue cause a feeling of peace and relax.

    For those who prefer solitude, probably will choose the blue decoration, which will focus on inner feelings. If purple is the symbol of all things fabulous, fantastic and unusual, something blue, but rather a guide to our soul, our intuition and the assistant of an inner voice.

    Symbolism of Color - Blue

    Scientists advise with caution for this color because it has a strong effect on the endocrine system! Very good use is blue when you make a living room. All shades of Colorat calm and set up to be frank. The bedroom is a soft shade of blue will help to relax and unwind.

    In order not to "freeze" in the sky-water area, do not forget about small accents of warm tones that can be arranged with the help of accessories.


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