Symbolism of colors - green.

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  • Green.

    Green is considered neutral, that is intermediate between warm and cold tones. Very fresh and natural, it has soothing, pleasing to the eye and good for the soul. And in combination with yellow, orange and red sound dark green color is weakening, and next to the blue - is increasing.

    Symbolism of Color - Green

    In a lot of green tones and shades, and almost all of them positive effect on a person emotionally. Numerous colors and shades of green, calm, relax and relieve tiredness.

    Simultaneously, they neutralize the effect of other colors, and help dispel negative emotions, balance and bring peace. Because of this green color to use in shock therapy and strong moral shocks, among other things, it can ease pain.

    It is best to use this color in interior design for large and bright rooms. Neutral shades of green do not have a strong emotional charge and does not produce the sensation of pressure, so it is good to use when you make a closed and confined spaces.

    Symbolism of Color - Green

    It was found that per capita green calming effect, therefore it is recommended for bedrooms. Not the best use of color in children's play areas and sports facilities, as it gives vivid impressions and even get bored.

    There is no consensus about the compatibility of the green with other colors. Some argue that any of its shades perfectly complement each other as well as all the other colors of the rainbow. Others are inclined to the opposite judgment. As an example of a successful combination can lead compound of dark green with reddish tones.

    In the apartments, especially those located in business centers of large cities, a natural green hue will bring fresh summer garden. House plants to color gray days "stone jungle" and allow to rest with pleasure and benefit.


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