Styles - Country Style.

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  • Country style.

    The color palette of country-style villa is fully consistent with the rural or aesthetics. It is dominated by bright, vibrant, floral tones. Experts identify two basic color palette of country style. All depends on what style tends to the owner.

    Styles - Country Style

    If he wants to create an interior modern look - at his disposal light, fresh paint, similar to ice-cream colors: blue cornflower, pink, rose, pale green apple and yellow primrose. All the colors blend beautifully and are perfect for rooms where little space and sunlight.

    Traditional country prefers darker and more saturated colors. The ideal is considered to be alive, "primitive" colors: mustard, sage green, blue bell. These colors are good for comfortable living and dining rooms, perfectly combined with "pozhivshey" large furniture.

    The palette of classic country music has a more archaic character and creates a little "rustic" surroundings. At the beginning of the XX century in the American traditional country music was dominated by a soft, natural shades, the colors of forests and fields. This is because the original paint was made from clay and plants with milk or casein, which gave them a milky opaque shades.

    Styles - Country Style

    Modern American country-style, so-called "New England Country," also prone to primary, unmixed gamma. The basis of his color palette is the national flag colors of blue, white and red.

    It is also ideally will look creamy, beige, red and purple. The only color that should be avoided in any country-style - a snow-white. It looks too cold. It is preferable to warmer shades of white. Such as chalk, ivory or cream.

    In creating the interior of country in his house, the most important - choose a palette of the whole list and in any case not to make a "salad" of several at once. Otherwise, the situation could easily turn into a dark, harsh and severe and more will not resemble the "dear heart's Corner", and the old, stuffy and dusty closet.


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