Styles - Colonial style.

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  • Colonial style.

    Back in the late XVIII century, after the War of Independence, to replace the strict classic colors into the American interior came loose and bright colors. As a rule, they were either imported from Europe, or made from scrap materials.

    Styles - Colonial style

    Very popular are the yellow ocher, gray-green, greenish-yellow and pinkish-red tone. An important place in the colonial interior played mahogany furniture: cherry, walnut or rosewood.

    Since 1720 the U.S. entered the fashion pink color and its shades. In addition, the walls of the houses inside and outside are painted blue, reddish-orange and gold colors. After a half-century style changed again. At the dawn of the XX century became popular deep blue, light gray, light green, white and milky in color.

    In the south-western North America is still a very popular kind of "Indian country" that uses colors that are repeated with an accuracy of color use local landscapes: sand, ocher, blue sky, "faded" blue, the color green, the pampas and firs.

    Styles - Colonial style

    In addition, the interior is often used bright Indian motifs and patterns. Together with the deep colors and gold or gold plated accessories, they look very impressive.

    Today, Americans are your favorite colors - red, blue, white and gold - the colors of the national flag, the symbol of freedom and independence. Although the United States in modern interiors meet all existing shades, even in those homes that are stylized in the early colonial style.


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