Styles - Loft style.

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  • Loft style.

    Choosing the color filling the room, stylized loft, the owner must first look at its "loft" and imagine what he would like. It all depends on how the house should be renovated.

    Styles - Loft Style

    In order to give the interior an urban flavor, preferably dark, "sullen" colors: black, dirty blue, aubergine, and even black. Included with the brick masonry and concrete walls, covered with graphics, a color palette would look very appropriate.

    Loft, even more than country-style, makes it possible to get away from stereotypes. It is individual, so that no prohibited and improper design of this area there are no flowers. You can even paint one wall from floor to ceiling in the style of graffiti - it does not seem fussy and will look very modern.

    The main rule in the distribution of colors in the loft-style - in any case do not "overload" the room filled with paint and not more than 25% of all surfaces. Certain parts of the brick walls are best left in their original form.

    Styles - Loft Style

    To stay within the style, choose from the entire rainbow spectrum of a bright primary color, and several of his close shades for each room. One detail should always remain the same throughout the house - ceilings on any "attic" paint only in a blinding snow-white color, due to which the room seem more bright and spacious.

    Do not forget that in the loft-style color is designed to visually separate one part of the huge room from another. Scarlet or indigo wall will create almost theatrical effect in the whole white or "brick" interior, thereby highlighting a specific area, such as the dining room.

    This approach is very useful if a living room redesigns huge hangar with no interior partitions.


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