Styles - Marine style.

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  • Marine style.

    The color scheme of marine style is very predictable. Suffice it to recall what it looks like the "soul sailor" - vest, and everything becomes clear and simple. The coloring of any marine interior is based on the sharp contrast pure white and many shades of blue.

    Styles - Marine Style

    Moreover, the traditional approach requires strict adherence to the basic color palette and a minimum of experiments. Paints used in the design environment, not so much, but each of them easily recognizable and always causes a direct association of yellow and beige sand, celadon, white sails against the blue sky.

    Color schemes inspired by the traditional navy interior landscape of small towns and coastal harbors with sailboats moored. To create the bright spots are used accent colors, contrary to a common scale.

    For example, a red-and-coming it will help provide shade from the overall number of objects, thus adding both the volume and so necessary in a marine style extra contrast. Modern, alternative marine style offers the use of softer pastels.

    This apartment is associated with travel to tropical seas. The interior is dominated by blue, aqua, turquoise, warm yellow and white chalk. Pure white is of little use - only the walls, furniture and linen to create the illusion of freshness and stay open.

    Styles - Marine Style

    This style is very well furnished with modern design stress of light or artificially bleached wood, with the effect of fading in the sun. The palette of contrasting marine style, but it is incredibly scarce.

    Therefore, when filling the interior color in any case it is not necessary to use only two basic color. The traditional approach tends to color consistency. The atmosphere will be full, if you use at least three or four shades, be sure to extremely contrasting to each other.

    For example: a bright red sofa, white walls and linens, navy blue seat and floors. This interior is harmonious so that any new item, do not mature in the key, be sure to look alien and totally unnecessary.

    The modern version of the sea loves all kinds of styles of mixing colors. Amateur experiments here receives a full opportunity to prove themselves as avant-garde artist. There is only one rule that should follow, not to go beyond the style of all shades, no matter how much they either used within one room, shall apply the same doses.

    In this case, in a bright interior does not appear dominant color, and paint can all coexist peacefully with each other.


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