Styles - Scandinavian style.

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  • Scandinavian style.

    Favorite colors inhabitants of the Far North - white, blue and green. These are colors icy silence - the snow, sky and forest, it is in a palette of more than half a penny colored landscape. Many such colors will seem meager, but experiment with shades of the three primary colors can be very long.

    Styles - Scandinavian style

    As a rule, but the primary colors, coloring are Scandinavian-style ivory, mint, blue spruce and frosty, light gray and bright red is used rarely and only in order to add contrast, monotonous environment.

    Scandinavian color palette, in both the traditional and contemporary styles, originally inclined to the pale, cool tones. First of all it allows you to visually expand the space, so the room will appear larger.

    Furthermore, it is light walls and floor as a much needed here reflect the natural sunlight, while the soft, warm colors tend to absorb on the contrary it yourself and make the room darker.

    To avoid the "coolness" premise, it is extremely out of place in the North, white and sky blue paint used for interior decoration, be confused with the more soft and warm colors, such as flowers cream or ivory. They have a light yellow tint, and so help to visually "warm" atmosphere.

    Limited color palette is much easier to create Scandinavian interior of the house, but at the same time the room is completely decorated in bright and faded colors would look empty. Therefore, filling the interior, you should carefully select furniture and decorative ornaments.

    Styles - Scandinavian style

    The easiest way to choose colors for the house in a Scandinavian style - to use as the main only two traditional colors. And the pure white is dominant throughout the décor, so it is ruled by no means impossible.

    A second, complementary and highlight color can be either red or blue, to choose from. White, the main color is blended with a softer shade of ivory to pure white and icy-blue, while the second color brings vibrant contrast and makes the monotonous room into a bright and lively.

    In addition, a second color at the discretion of the owner, as can be, for example, the classic red and cherry, scarlet or purple. If the chosen a blue tone, then it may be saturated color of cobalt or sky blue.

    To enter into the interior of a second color, is most commonly used textiles, but there must be extremely careful and apply it very sparingly, for example, in the form of a bright pillows with a pattern on the sofa in the living room.


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