Styles - Mediterranean style.

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  • The Mediterranean style.

    Colors of summer, the sea, a cloudless sky and wild beaches - this is a Greek-style color scheme, more amenable to the use of bright and rich colors: sky blue, lemon yellow, snow white and warm pink.

    Styles - Mediterranean style

    Involved in the decorating colors are not so many, but each of them, combined with sunlight, is able to create an unforgettable feeling of lightness and joy. A very interesting approach to the color of the Greek walls and floors.

    Of fundamental importance is white, is unacceptable in many other styles of interior art. And the floors, walls and ceilings can be specially made identical. This is the perfect backdrop for bright textiles and accessories.

    The Italian style is used more often warm, soft colors of summer. Very rare blue and blue, but the terra cotta and his closest shades, in fact, are the basis of style.

    Styles - Mediterranean style

    Tuscan peasants to their homes often chose juicy colors: golden wheat, sunflower yellow, brick red and olive green. Such a palette inspired by nature - the wheat fields, cypress trees cool and endless vineyards.

    In general, a Mediterranean style, on what would be its direction nor spoken, very concise and simple. Therefore, we must remember the basic rule: choosing a color palette for the walls, floor and ceiling, use no more than three primary colors.

    To create a more complex design, you can mix and juxtapose tonally similar colors, though a classic style in any case is the spirit of country music with its simple and unpretentious.


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