Color theory - color characteristics.

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  • Characteristic colors.

    To make it more convenient to analyze the color, they are divided not only on the principal, fundamental and complex, but also in light, medium, heavy and warm, cold, neutral. Link color "temperature" is due to the emotional and psychological perception of a human shade.

    Color theory - color characteristics

    Red, orange, yellow, golden hues associated with flames or solar reflections. They create a happy, upbeat mood and evoke the feeling of warmth. It is because of this latter quality is called a palette of warm.

    Blue, blue and bluish-green hues evoke memories of the cold sky, icy space or shade. Therefore they are called cold. They have to rest and meditation. Intermediate between cold and warm colors occupy the green and purple. They belong to a neutral palette.

    Color theory - color characteristics

    Lungs are cold, light, malonasyschennye tone, such as color of the sky. Heavy - warm, dark, dense colors - brown, olive. Depending on the saturation of colors are voiced and voiceless. For example, a bright red - it's ringing the color from reddish-brown.

    One of the main features of color - intense activity and dynamism, especially of warm tones, and passivity malonasyschennyh and cold.


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