Color theory - Colours rooms.

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  • Colours rooms.

    From childhood, everyone remembers the famous count to which all memorized to remember in what order are the color of the rainbow, "Every hunter wants to know where a pheasant sits."

    Color theory - Colours of rooms

    On the first letter of each word begins with a color of the heavenly beam:

    K - red,
    O - orange,
    M - yellow,
    W - green,
    T - blue,
    C - blue
    F - purple.

    All the children know perfectly well that only seven colors. Well, maybe nine - along with black and white. Adults suggest that there are many more. Experts say that in our world there are an infinite number of shades, and all their variety they call a "spectrum".

    It is usually depicted as a circle, in which the colors change from red to yellow - the blue, and back through the deep purple to dark purple, turning into red again. Number of divisions of the spectrum can vary from 8 to 160, but usually use a 32-color wheel.

    Color theory - Colours of rooms

    All the colors of this circle is called chromatic - as opposed to achromatic, which include white, gray and black. Black and white flowers in nature are not. For example, tends to the black color with a decrease in its brightness.

    For example, as with a decrease in light to total darkness. And by increasing the brightness of each color tends to white. White paint called "white." The paint is black - "black gas". Other combinations of black and white make gray tone.


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