Color theory - pushed the wall.

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  • Pushing the wall.

    It is impossible to realize all the design ideas in one apartment. For this experiment will need at least a hundred rooms, many years of hard work and, of course, the high cost. Unfortunately, few people in our country has such "mansions" and means.

    Color theory - pushed the wall

    In addition, every day the housing problem is becoming acute. One room for a large family is revered in a very good place to start housing "growth". Construction companies have to design a more spacious apartment, but nevertheless, as the total area and size of individual rooms is still lacking.

    In Europe, long used tricks in the interior, which can increase the effective area of ​​almost half the room! To visually expand the living space, have to resort to optical illusion.

    Visual space transformation based on several principles. For example, a larger room, with its design to use only light, preferably pastel colors: light blue, light green, apricot, cream or light gray.

    It should be remembered that cool colors such as blue, make the room more spacious and warm, such as pink or orange, "eat" space. To further expand the boundaries of the room, furniture and textiles to be collected in one color to the walls, floor and ceiling.

    Little trick: if the light shades of one color spread in the room on the principle of French style - the higher, the brighter - the room will seem much more spacious. With a tone in the reverse order, you can create a sense of brooding, heavy ceiling.

    Color theory - pushed the wall

    This effect is most clearly manifest itself if the ceiling to decorate the massive moldings and light up the bottom. But the room itself in this case would seem much more spacious than it actually is.

    It is best to visually increases room sunlight or artificial light. So it makes sense to hang on the window light translucent curtains, and at night use lighting, built-in floors and in ceilings. For these purposes, a floor lamp is perfect: the upward light reflected from the ceiling, back in the double volume.

    Reflective surfaces are designed to duplicate the space, multiply the number of repeating color and light. Therefore, the appearance of several mirrors in a small room would be very timely decision, but one wall is completely lined with mirror tiles, can extend the premises at least twice.

    For increasing the room is more suitable low furniture: ottomans, stools and coffee table. They should be placed in corners or along walls to visually relieve the center of the room. In addition, a sofa and chairs should pick up the open handles, so the room will not seem cluttered, but on the contrary, a spacious and bright.

    The most appropriate style, by definition, increasing the volume and dimensions of the room, is considered to Japanese minimalism. Bright walls, floors and ceilings, light and elegant furniture, the almost complete lack of decor and consistently contrasts create a feeling of "emptiness and infinity." Second place is shared by French chic and modern Scandinavian style interior.

    Even the most superficial examination it becomes clear that unites these seemingly different trends of fashion and the French, and Japanese, and the inhabitants of the Nordic countries in decoration use only light woods such as birch, beech or pine.

    Walls and ceilings are kept in their houses in pastel shades, and windows are made as much as possible, so as not to miss a single ray of sun.


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