Color theory - Somknem space.

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  • Somknem space.

    Designers often resort to the help of optical illusion, when draw up apartments in tenement houses. Simple plan space can be so unusual, that fix anything without using the optical illusion is almost impossible.

    Color theory - Somknem space

    For example, how to push the walls in the narrow and long room, more like a corridor than a dwelling? It is in these situations is much easier to visually reduce the space, bringing together a couple of walls and at the same time pushing aside the other two by magical properties of light and shade.

    With the right combination of contrasts, based on a combination of light and dark colors, can be created from the extended "case" corridor or room is almost square room. The secret is simple: bright and shiny colors alienate the surface, whereas black matte paint on the contrary, "steal" space.

    One of the secrets is much "closer" in front of the wall is in the image on the wallpaper. Everything is simple: the bigger and brighter ornament, the closer and smaller surface will appear. Accordingly, the plain and unobtrusive design and postpone its increase.

    Color theory - Somknem space

    Very well "eat" the dark space, warm and dull, not reflective shades. Therefore, on the walls, which wants to bring in no case be hanging pictures and mirrors. It is best to paste over their brown-red wallpaper in a large colorful flower.

    In a small square room with high ceilings, always a feeling that you're in the pit. In order to visually "lower" the ceiling, enough to paint it dark matt paint and wall surfaces divided into several zones by horizontal lines.

    If, during the finishing of the vertical surfaces to comply with the main principle - the lower, the lighter, you can "delete" unthinkable high ceilings in a third, low-hanging lamp with shade in the dark will help enhance the illusion.

    To visually reduce the size of any part of the room, you can use several methods of optical illusion at the same time or one of them to choose from. It is important to remember - the more solutions will be gathered together, the smaller the object will look like in the end. In any case, as practice shows, visually reduce the room is much easier than increase it.

    Although before you use an optical illusion, you need to think carefully about whether "compress" and so fairly limited space. It is possible that construction flaws can be corrected only by the proper placement of furniture.


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