Color theory - Types of color combinations.

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  • Types of color combinations.

    The color has on people is very strong emotional impact. When choosing color schemes for housing is always worth listening to your feelings. List all the possible combinations of colors possible.

    Color theory - Types of color combinations

    But there is one simple way to determine how comfortable you feel in a given interior. Devising a range of colors, you need to imagine what emotions it will cause. If there are negative feelings, it is best to pick up other colors.

    Toning gamma selects a tone for the interior and the surfaces differ only in nuances, such as from pale to dark yellow. In the tonal range of cold and warm colors give a refined combination. A classic example is the connection of cold and warm emerald green bottle.

    Shades of scale may be one of tone, such as cold and warmer shade darker. Pastel gamma prefers to use virtually any color, thoroughly diluted white, to give deliberate "fading." In this case, the combination of blue, pink, yellow and green colors would not seem out of place, even on large surfaces.

    Color theory - Types of color combinations

    Contrasting color scheme is the use of complementary colors, often highlighted by the introduction of white or black. An example of the contrast may be a combination of red and green. When you create a world of color on the basis of contrasting color should be very careful.

    First, because the contrast makes some emotional tension, and second, playing with sharp transitions can result in a frankly crying, deprived of warmth and appeal of the interiors.

    When you create the interior you can find a dark green background, combined with some elements of the light pink color.


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