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    The color of the interior.

    The color has on people is very strong emotional impact. When choosing color schemes for housing is always worth listening to your feelings. List all the possible combinations of colors possible.

    Color in Interior Design - Types of color combinations

    But there is one simple way to determine how comfortable you feel in a given interior. Devising a range of colors, you need to imagine what emotions it will cause. If there are negative feelings, it is best to pick up other colors.

    Toning gamma selects a tone for the interior and the surfaces differ only in nuances, such as from pale to dark yellow. In the tonal range of cold and warm colors give a refined combination. A classic example is the connection of cold and warm emerald green bottle.

    Colorful solutions.

    Color in Interior Design - Colorful solutions

    Orange and green colors contain yellow, so they may very well be combined with it. In addition, they look good with each other, creating a sunny mood. By the way, is the "fruit" and the delicious combination is often used for decoration of kitchens and dining rooms, and even for bathrooms, where there is a tile and ceramics.

    All three color, in pairs or individually, can make interesting compositions with various shades of blue, blue and purple. Red color adds a "spark" in a combination of yellow, orange and white, on the contrary, "cools" by contrast.

    To "warm up" the interior, made in blue, experts advise to add shades of dull red, green, white, brown. But the brightest celestial tones look great with pastel pink, gray and silver.

    Characteristic colors.

    Color in Interior Design - Description of colors

    To make it more convenient to analyze the color, they are divided not only on the principal, fundamental and complex, but also in light, medium, heavy and warm, cold, neutral. Link color "temperature" is due to the emotional and psychological perception of a human shade.

    Red, orange, yellow, golden hues associated with flames or solar reflections. They create a happy, upbeat mood and evoke the feeling of warmth. It is because of this latter quality is called a palette of warm.

    Blue, blue and bluish-green hues evoke memories of the cold sky, icy space or shade. Therefore they are called cold. They have to rest and meditation. Intermediate between cold and warm colors occupy the green and purple. They belong to a neutral palette.

    Color harmony.

    Color in Interior Design - Color Harmony

    Always nice to return to the beautifully designed house where every piece is pleasing to the eye and in his place, where all the colors harmonize with each other and cheer up.

    Color harmony in the interior can be achieved in two ways: by choosing the same color, but varying degrees of saturation, or using a very similar combination of colors and contrasting colors. If you use one color in its different variations, can be finished flooring, ceilings and walls in soft and bright colors.

    Furnishings, upholstery and decorative elements to sustain a richer, but the same scale. Do not forget that the absence of even small contrasts makes the interior a monotonous and boring, but on the other hand, excessive use of bright color combinations and tires can not relax.



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